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Ezhou Baofeng Helping rural revitalization

In accordance with the spirit of the document "Notice of the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau on Consolidating and Expanding the Achievements of poverty alleviation at the county Level and the Management of the Construction of the Rural Revitalization Project Database", in the aspect of regular village assistance, the main force is tilted to the villages that are lifted out of poverty and the villages with heavy tasks of rural revitalization.


We will carry out the "Ten thousand Enterprises to Revitalize ten thousand Villages" campaign, and actively organize, guide and encourage private enterprises to work to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.


On 11/Jan 2023, in Boyan Village, Donggou Town, Liangzihu District, Ezhou City, Ezhou Baofeng Metal Wool donated to help rural revitalization as a caring enterprise of Ezhou City, showing the style of the enterprise.