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Thank liangzi lake district leaders at all levels

In the workshop of EZHOU BAOFENG METAL WOOL TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO.,LTD, located in Liangzi Town, Liangzi Lake District, the reporter saw that the production machines were running fast, steel wool raw materials were crossing the conveyor belt and workers in turn. At the end of the assembly line, boxes of finished products were sent to the warehouse and loaded into containers, a busy production scene on 28/April.  

Due to the impact of the epidemic in China, the spaces and containers booked by EZHOU BAOFENG METAL WOOL in Shanghai port cannot be delivered in time, directly resulting in can’t loading goods timely.  

EZHOU BAOFENG METAL WOOL TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO.,LTD, as one of the key enterprises in Liangzihu District, the main products are widely used in industrial polishing and household cleaning, which are exported to North America and EU area. In 2021, foreign trade earned USD5 million. Knowing that the enterprise has encountered production and operation problems, the relevant functional departments of Liangzihu District quickly negotiated with the enterprise to find solutions together.  On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, a green channel will be opened.